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I am a son, a brother, a grandson, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, a student, an engineer, an architect, an athlete, a musician. I am Troy Grosfield.

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  1. W3Counter: Global Web StatsThursday, February 27, 2014

    Web Browser Market Share. A great resource to keep in mind as you develop your websites.

    1. browsers
    2. developer
    3. web
  2. Getting E-Mail right with Django and SES | Eventual ConsistencyFriday, February 14, 2014

    Sending E-Mail is an important part of almost every web or mobile product. And while it may seem like a trivial thing to do at first, getting it right and finding the optimal setup is often not that easy. Spam filters, bounce rates and throttling are all things we must take into account, and sooner or later they WILL fail us.

    1. django
    2. ses
    3. aws
    4. email
  3. MeteorTuesday, November 12, 2013

    Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert developer or just getting started.

    1. meteor
    2. js
    3. javascript
  4. Git - TaggingWednesday, November 06, 2013

    Git has the ability to tag specific points in history as being important. Generally, people use this functionality to mark release points (v1.0, and so on). In this section, you’ll learn how to list the available tags, how to create new tags, and what the different types of tags are.

    1. git
    2. github
    3. scm
  5. NCSA CyberSecurity: Useful OpenSSL CommandsTuesday, July 09, 2013

    OpenSSL is a very powerful cryptography utility, perhaps a little too powerful for the average user. With all the different command line options, it can be a daunting task figuring out how to do exactly what you want to do. Here are several common tasks you may find useful.

    1. ssl
    2. openssl
  6. Effective Django — Effective DjangoSaturday, March 30, 2013

    Django is a popular, powerful web framework for Python. It has lots of “batteries” included, and makes it easy to get up and going. But all of the power means you can write low quality code that still seems to work. Effective Django development means building applications that are testable, maintainable, and scalable – not only in terms of traffic or load, but in terms of being able to add developers to projects. After reading Effective Django you should have an understanding of how Django’s pieces fit together, how to use them to engineer web applications, and where to look to dig deeper.

    1. django
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